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Hello and welcome to the "Unsung Cyber Hero Adventures" TV Network,

Today's is a SPECIAL one-hour episode that focuses on answering the questions:

What is disinformation and what purposes does it serve?”

What must the US and other democracies do to insure fair and accurate elections and…

How will the cybersecurity and IT Community help insure a fair and accurate election and combat disinformation?

What about societal resilience?

What influence does fake news have on politics?

How broad is the reach of untrustworthy sites?

Is the Internet making things worse – for example, increasing polarization – or is increased polarization a reflection that things are getting worse?

We'll discuss the backfire effect and echo chambers and the value of fact-checking social media partners.

We have three great guests on today's show...

John Bambenek is Vice-President for Security Research and Intelligence at ThreatSTOP and an incident handler with the Internet Storm Center. He is also an adjunct lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois where he teaches courses in cybersecurity.

He has been researching security threats and criminal organizations for 18 years and coordinating with US and foreign law enforcement entities to help bring criminal actors to justice.

Our next guest is Dave Piscitello. Dave has been involved in Internet technology for over 40 years. He has authored books on internet and remote access, including Understanding Voice over Internet Protocol Security.

Dave publishes articles regularly on security, DNS, anti-phishing, malware, Internet policy and privacy. He maintains a highly active, insightful, and entertaining info site as The Security Skeptic. Dave is a Partner at Interisle Consulting Group.

Llewelyn King is the Co-creator and host of the PBS Show, The White House Chronicles, a weekly news and current affairs program known for its originality, crisp thinking, humor and panache. He created the program in 1997, and he produces and host it with journalist Linda Gasparello. The show focuses on what is impacting the way we live and work now -- including science, technology, medicine, energy, environment, books -- and contributing to policy.

We hope this helps...

Gary Berman, Host



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