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Today's show focuses on answering the question: What is the state of the credit and risk management cybersecurity ecosystem?

We have a GREAT panel including Ian Cohen, CEO of Apomaya gives companies control over third-party data and risks so they can protect their customers’ privacy. Prior to his current role, he was the General Manager at Experian’s Consumer Services Division and Chief Executive Officer of from 2009-2015.

Ofer Israeli leads Illusive Networks and he is a pioneer of deception-based cybersecurity. They are known as a company at the forefront of the next evolution of cyber defense. Prior to establishing Illusive Networks, Ofer managed development teams based around the globe at Israel’s seminal cybersecurity company Check Point Software Technologies and was a research assistant in the Atom Chip Lab.

And finally, we have Andrew Robinson, who is the Chairman of Apomaya. Andrew has been at the forefront of networking for over 30 years, previously serving in executive roles at Akamai and Bluecoat.

We'll learn about the  history in the credit sector and our thought leader's opinions about the current "credit and risk management" environment?

What are the strengths and weaknesses regarding cybersecurity within the Financial Services sector?

Are they seeing an increase in the number and nature of attacks?

What about ransomware and cyber insurance?

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