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Today, we have a special, solo guest.Kevin Tierney, Vice President of Global Cybersecurity, General Motors!

Nobody could have imagined that Kevin and his team would be at the epicenter of our battle against a team of General Motors people have done a PIVOT that will be written about in history books by launching Project V, a highly successful effort to manufacture ventilators. We'll learn about that and ...

How GM leadership, including their CEO Mary Barra communicated the pivot to create medical devices? What are Kevin's thoughts regarding the cybersecurity of digital medical devices? We'll discuss how Kevin developed a passion for cybersecurity and how General Motors is handling the rapid shift to working from home (non-manufacturing team members), We'll also learn about GM's focus on cybersecurity, about their supply chain and how to manage the increasing threat landscape. 

We'll gain insight into the Auto-ISAC and how the industry has come together to share information and best practices based upon their motto "An Attack on One is an Attack on All".

All of that and much more...on todays episode...


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