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Our first guest is Joseph Davis, the Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft for US Health & Life Sciences, where he advises payors, providers, pharmaceuticals, lab sciences, medical devices and various research organizations

Prior to Microsoft, Joseph lead North America Security Advisory for Avanade/Accenture.

He spent over a decade at Covidien (now Medtronic) building their information and security practices including traditional IT Security (SOC, Incident Response & Forensics), Security Architecture, Identity and Access Management, Enterprise IT Risk, IT Compliance and Data Privacy. As if that was NOT enough, he also built a world-class Global Security Operations Center.

Our next guest is Nina Alli. For the past five years, Nina has served as the Executive Director of the Biohacking Village overseeing the phenomenal growth of the Device Lab, Speaker Track, and Hands On Lab. Nina hosts White Hats and Lab Coats: The Biohacking Village podcast:

Prior to that, Nina spent 16 years in healthcare, building/breaking/securing Electronic Medical Records, connected medical IoT devices, and working in the Citizen Science area on microfluidics.

We'll discuss why the healthcare sector is the MOST vulnerable?

How are cyber criminals leveraging Covid-19 to deploy ransomware and other cybercrimes?

What about the issues regarding legacy systems?

Are medical devices safe from hackers?

What can you do to protect your Personal Health Information (PHI).

All of that and much more on today's show.

I hope this helps...

Gary Berman




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