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We have a GREAT show today including Andrew Shikiar, the Executive Director and CMO of the FIDO Alliance, who will provide details on a brand new initiative from FIDO that is focused on establishing a consumer logo – the I-Mark - for sites that are replacing passwords with simpler and safer means of user logins.

The timing of our next guest, Dr. George Antoniou is amazing because just LAST WEEK he was awarded a U.S. Patent for a breakthrough innovation in identity access management utilizing the blockchain ecosystem to improve cybersecurity.

We'll begin by hearing our guest's "origin stories" and learn about their "missions". Then, we'll cover the rationale to re-imagine passwords and identity management and share real-life stories of cybercrime answering three questions:

1. What happened?
2. What were the consequences?
3. What were the lessons learned?

We'll discuss the best practices regarding identity management and how to keep yourself safe while online.

All of that and more on today's episode...



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