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Hello Unsung Cyber Heroes!


Today's show focuses on answering the questions: What is THE most devastating cybercrime perpetrated against organizations of ALL sizes and... what happens next?

We have two incredible guests on today's show.

Stephanie Snyder is the SVP & Commercial Strategy Leader of Cyber Solutions at Aon. Her industry focus includes technology companies, manufacturers, retailers, life sciences companies, and financial institutions. She has experience with Cyber and E&O coverage as both a broker and underwriter.

Daniel Tobok is the CEO at Cytelligence, an Aon Cyber Solutions Company. Cytelligence is THE elite force of global cyber security. Daniel is a seasoned and serial entrepreneur with extensive expertise in cyber security and he has personally participated in more than 2,500 digital forensic investigations after or during cyber attacks!

We'll discuss...

The CURRENT state of Ransomware.

What are the key findings from the 2020 Cybersecurity Risk Report?

Has there been an increase in attacks or the severity of the attacks or both?

What about Incident Response and Restoration?

What are the trends in incidence response? New or emerging threats?

How important is it to pick the right incident response firm to solve a breach?

What are the common mistakes clients make selecting the wrong firm?

What’s happening from the carriers’ perspectives? Are attacks driving an increase in claims which are then driving an increase in rates?

How has ransomware, restoration, and dilemma of paying a ransom changed the breach business?

How do you work with the insurer to determine when or if to recommend a client pays the ransom?

How are insurers viewing ransomware attacks and the trade off between attempted recovery and paying a ransom?

How are insurers adjusting policies to deal with these threats?

Are insurers beginning to require more of the insured – incident response readiness, proactive work, threat scanning, etc.?

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