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The world is being disrupted. Everything is changing faster than at almost any time in modern history and the our methods of communicating are working hard to not only keep pace, but to get ahead of the increasing demand for faster, more reliable and most importantly, more secure digital communications.

Today's show features Keith Fuentes, V.P. of Customer Success | B2B Sales | Samsung Electronics America. Keith has over 20 years of experience in technology in general in security in particular. Keith will share how Samsung is staying ahead of the "Black Hats" to insure the Digital Universe!

Terry Dunlap, Founder of Refirm Labs will talk about his incredible journey from his youthful Black Hat adventures to becoming a thought leader and expert on both offensive AND defensive cyber security. He share's an amazing story about Chinese government efforts to include "back-doors" in various communications products and his cautionary tales will make you take notice...and continue on YOUR mission!





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