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We have a special SOLO guest on today's show, Tobias Whitney-VP Energy Solutions at Fortress Information Security.

At Fortress, Tobias Whitney leads sales and marketing as the Vice President of Energy Security Solutions. He is a recognized leader in control systems security solutions with over 20 years of critical infrastructure security experience, which includes founding the security practice at Burns & McDonnell and a focus on regulatory compliance, supply chain, and cloud security.

Most recently, Whitney spent two years as Technical Executive at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), evaluating risks in supply chain cybersecurity for utilities, developing solutions to address security architecture for utility cloud-based solutions, as well as researching "grid edge" technologies, such as electric vehicle charging and distributed energy infrastructure. 

Whitney spent six years at NERC, where he led a team that helped deliver CIP-V5 cybersecurity standards, evaluated compliance across the power utility industry, and worked with utilities to ensure effective adoption. This experience uniquely positions him to help Fortress and its customers adapt to changing security and compliance requirements.

We'll discuss the unique challenges facing the energy sector including dealing with all of the various stakeholders in the public and private sector. Tobias will share his vast experience in regulating portions of the energy sector and in navigating the sometimes competing interests. He'll share best practices to protecting the energy ecosystem and real-life stories of attempted and successful cyber attacks. All of that and more on today's episode!

i hope this helps...Gary Berman

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