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Our first guest is Christaan Beek. He manages threat intelligence research within McAfee's Office of the CTO. He leads research in advanced attacks and assists in cyberattack take-down operations. In previous roles, Beek was Director of Threat Intelligence in McAfee Labs and Director of Incident Response and Forensics at Foundstone, Intel Security’s forensic services arm.

Our next guest is Dave Piscitello. Dave has been involved in Internet technology for over 40 years. He has authored books on internet and remote access, including Understanding Voice over Internet Protocol Security. Dave publishes articles regularly on security, DNS, anti-phishing, malware, Internet policy and privacy. He maintains a highly active, insightful, and entertaining info site as The Security Skeptic. Dave is a Partner at Interisle Consulting Group.

Our guests will share their incredible experiences dealing with ransomware and related cybercrime. Watch and learn about real-life stories of ransomware answering three questions,

1. What happened?

2. What were the consequences?

3. What were the lessons learned?

You'll enjoy hearing about how cyber criminals are leveraging Covid-19 to deploy ransomware which sectors are the MOST vulnerable and why, should a victim pay the ransom?

All of that and more on today's show.

We hope this helps...Gary Berman


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